Sunday, September 30, 2007

October Already

OK So I cannot believe its October already!! I can already feel the Christmas present stress!!! I ABSOLUTELY love the Holidays, but the present stress is a lot and right now i am NOT supposed to be under any stress!!! lol So I have some ideas for our friends and for my dad n law and my husband so i guess i am better off than i think i am!! I think Corey and I might try and scoot away for a couple of days after Christmas but before new years!! But maybe thats wishful thinking!!!

So... Is it too early to say Happy Holidays?? :P

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Guess What??

Guess What?????

We got our lawn totally re done!! I am so excited it looks so so so good!!! :) It looks a little bit pieced together right now because it hasn't fully grown in yet, but it is going to look great once everything is grown!! So we are excited about our house now!! It is a lot of work to own and maintain a home and very expensive, but it is worth is when you can pull in your drive way and know its yours and that your hard work is actually getting you somewhere!! lol So for everyone who has a home awesome for you, and for those of you who aren't home owners yet save up now cause its a great feeling!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Night

So its Sunday night... You know what that means... WORK TOMORROW!!!! Not that its a bad thing its just not necessarily the thing I want to do!! But I CANT COMPLAIN!!! My husband is the hardest working man I know and he allows me to work part time, so on Sunday evenings I try hard to not complain but I really want to so I decided to blog about it!! lol At least I can have a weekend. Corey works 7 days a week, so like I said NO COMPLAINING!!! But anyways... Today after church and lunch we came home and cleaned out our closet!! My what a job that was!! We are going to give Hospice about $1500 worth of clothes!! We had 4 huge lawn trash bags filled so high they couldn't even be tied!!!! Some of the stuff from my side of the closet still had tags on it!! Which again makes me feel terrible because it leads back to the whole Corey working alot thing and me not!! Dont get me wrong, I do work, just not as hard as he does!! But if it works for him it works for me!!!! :) Have a great week!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Doggie Diapers

SO our dog Micah is a 6lb long hair chihuahua that has a "wee" (no pun intended) bit of a potty problem at my in-laws!! He feels it necessary to pee on EVERYTHING at their house!! So while at Petsmart last weekend we found that they sell male doggy diapers!! Its a dark denim color so its very manly, and it works wonders!! Its velcro that goes around his body and you put a doggie diaper liner inside it that catches the pee!! We were amazed at this and how it actually works!! Who would have thought that someone out there is making a killing on these things!! The diaper itself was $15.99 and the liner pack of 22 were $5.99. But..... If the dog doesn't ruin anything else it is worth every penny!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Paid for blogging?

Trying to get paid for blogging??

My first blog

OK So this is my first blog!! I think I might start to like this whole blogging thing!! If I have a bad day I can bitch about it, and if I have a good day I can tell everyone about it!! So here I am to blog!! Wish me luck!!

Thanks Matt!!!!!